World's Largest Flower!

Another in a series of posts that I occasionally make when I am at home-sweet-home and NOT traveling!

Almost two weeks ago, I visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science to witness the blooming of what is described as the world’s largest flower. [This particular plant species, which scientists call Amorphophallus Titanum, is a native to the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia.] The problem for me, however, was that when I visited the museum (Friday, July 9) the flower had not yet fully bloomed. Well, it is now – finally – starting to open up.

This flower is on display in the Butterfly exhibit ($8.00 USD admission price) which is located within the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

UPDATE (JULY 27th): Well, the flower has finally bloomed and is now, sadly, all gone. A final picture of the flower was captured. There were plenty of webcams showing the progress of the flower’s growth. Now that the flower has bloomed, it is entering a dormant state and may re-bloom in several years. Maybe! While it was blooming over this past weekend, it reportedly smelled like rotting flesh!