Changing of the Seasons

Once again, I am forced to offer yet more apologies for my slowness in posting to this ‘travel’ blog of mine.  What can I say: I have not traveled lately (a short vacation to New York in June) and I have been so busy at the office.   On the plus side of things, Houston now has noticeably cooler weather and there is visible evidence of a change in the seasons.  Sadly, we don’t enjoy the colors of the changing tree leaves so familiar to those up in New England or in those cooler climates throughout the world.  Still, once Fall arrives, the Holidays can’t be far behind! 

To all my loyal followers who still check in occasionally, I do appreciate your visits to my blog and any comments which you may care to leave.  Hopefully, I will resume my travels soon and can then share some more posts of interesting places with all my followers!!

Happy travels ……….