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What to look for in a safe hotel

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* If possible, select a hotel with has installed modern electronic guest room locks. The majority of these locks automatically change the lock combination with every new guest so there is little chance of someone having a duplicate key to your room. If you lose or misplace your key, ask to have your room re-keyed ….  Read More

Room Selection

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* Maximize safety and security. Select a room located between the 4 and 6th floor Avoid rooms above the sixth floor–the maximum height that fire-department ladders can reach. For some fire departments overseas, and within the United States, they do not have equipment to reach hotel floors above the 6th floor * Whenever possible do ….  Read More

Tips for Staying at Hotel

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Tips for Staying in Hotels – Vacation and staying at the hotel was very enjoyable. In addition to a complete facility, surely you must pay attention to safety and comfort. Although the hotel now has a lot of CCTV cameras, or choose a security guard, could not hurt us to remain vigilant while staying at ….  Read More