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Texas Wildflower Season

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Well, I suppose I should file this posting under the heading of “What to do When I’m Not Really Traveling!” I sincerely hope I am not boring my loyal followers with these “non-traveling” posts but, hey, I actually enjoy a respite by not hanging out in airports, taking off my shoes, going through security lines ….  Read More

Art Car Parade – May 8, 2010

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Houston held its annual Art Car Parade about two weeks ago. I had not attended last year’s events but I managed to get to downtown and witness the usual crazy looking vehicles. There were some repeats but most were new entries. Almost three hundred cars in all!! In addition to the unusual looking cars, I ….  Read More

On the Road Again!!

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Well, here I go again!! Another international business trip. As has been the case many times before on prior trips, I’d much prefer taking an alternate airline (Emirates, Qatar, etc.) but our corporate discount with Lufthansa wins out every time – it would appear – and their air fare is lower than the fares for ….  Read More